Thursday, February 22, 2018

Belle Époque: Lina's Prototype Dress (2017)

Introducing what may be a recurring series of concept art based around a delightful world that a friend and I have been building for the past year and change. We've devised a series of role plays called "Belle Époque" that, for the time being, revolves around this young woman, Lina Wells, and an entrepreneur named George Winston who runs a specialty clothier with a magical twist.

I'm unsure what form this story is going to take beyond private RPs. It certainly can't be a comic (way too involved) but I'd like to make some sort of media that's adapted from or inspired by the scenarios we're playing out. At the very least I'll continue making concept art.

The premise for this particular transformation is that Lina has a dream of being a fancy lolita and being seen in delightful dresses as if a living doll. George talks her into buying a dress, without her realizing that it has magical properties that draw out her fantasies into reality itself. The end result is quite the prim and proper lady, both in body and attitude.

Here is the entire sequence I created as a result of the sessions we role played. Credit to my friend Strangeguy for devising the particular look of the dress. All of these stages were made with his careful aesthetic direction. It's a big file, so make sure to right click to view the full version.

For anyone wondering, these are lined up exactly in proportion to each other. Her height change is due to a pair of platform boots that grow taller and taller, unseen beneath the dress.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mew Mew Pow-WAAH? (2016)

This was made on a total whim. I really wanted to draw a magical girl TF for some reason. This is a male-to-Ichigo from "Tokyo Mew Mew" TF I drew for Halloween last year. (2 images -- click read more.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Rowena - Sunny Gothic Lolita - Part 7

I liked Halcy0n's drawing for Part 6 so much that I was inspired to take it even further. This is officially the final stage of the sequence.

There's a story for this part, too, after the break.

Rowena - Sunny Gothic Lolita - Part 7

I liked Halcy0n's drawing for Part 6 so much that I was inspired to take it even further. This is officially the final stage of the sequence.

There's a story for this part, too, after the break.

Rowena - Sunny Gothic Lolita - Part 6

I really enjoyed how Rowena's gothic dress sequence turned out, so I commissioned my friend Halcy0n to draw up her take on an even more elaborate version of the dress. This drawing is her lineart, which I then added color to. (Posted here with permission.)

I also wrote an accompanying story. Click "Read More" to view.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Eastern Dragon (2013)

This is another sequence I did for the donation portfolio. I always wanted to do an Eastern dragon TF. One day I hope to do more. They're beautiful creatures.

Biker Skunk (2013)

Three years ago I needed to raise funds to pay for a new car after my really old one kicked the bucket. I drew up some TFs for a portfolio that was sent out to donors. It was going to be exclusive to donors for only a year, but I decided to hold off on posting until earlier this year, when I put them up on TransFur. Now they're here as well!

3-part TG skunk sequence. Click "Read More" for the rest!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Rowena's Random Clothing Adventure

This was made in tandem with the previously posted gothic Lolita sequence. I colored directly from the pencil sketch because I liked the way the rough lines worked with the overalls, and felt that inking these images would look too polished.

Rowena decides to go shopping for new clothes, since she really only has one signature outfit currently. She goes with an unseen friend so that she can get a second opinion. However, through the wibbly wobbly magic surrounding her, she ends up changing appearances based on what her friend says. Although her overalls outfit is a morphed version of her original hoodie and skirt ensemble, all the other clothes she tries on are from stores in the shopping mall.

This is a very random sequence. I drew it mostly to work out some loose concepts. First and foremost, I wanted to depict Rowena in overalls, looking like a kid in her long hair and magically bestowed with an indignant attitude.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Rowena - Sunny Gothic Lolita

Rowena is my template for all sorts of random role-changing TFs and fashion experiments. One of my first main projects featuring her is this gothic Lolita transformation. The strange nature of the forces that created Rowena manifests itself at random times and usually shapes her based on the situations she finds herself in. In this case, her complaint about it being so bright and hot results in her gaining a parasol...but also wearing an all-black, heavily layered outfit that ends up making her even less comfortable.

You can view individual close-up shots by clicking "Read More."

Cobalt's Beard Levels Up

This story shows a different side to my hair growth interests. It's rarer for me to dive into male hair growth, but when I do I go just as crazy as always.